We’re passionate about babies

Founded by Sophie Ward, Hello Chooki is a designer label of organic bamboo baby linens.

Our baby linens are exclusively designed by artists across the world bringing you one-of-a-kind pieces for your little ones. Each piece has been crafted with love from our bamboo experts. All our pieces are designed with the highest quality organic bamboo ensuring your little ones are welcomed to the world of luxury and quality.

The Hello Chooki journey began when we fell pregnant with our gorgeous son after many years of trying to conceive and eventually resorting to IVF. We were told by doctors that we only had “1%” chance of falling pregnant naturally at the time, so when we received the positive result, we were overcome with so much joy. As expected, I was extremely excited to start planning our son’s nursery and welcome home outfit. However, I struggled to find creative designs that were unique without sacrificing quality. This is where the endless nights of ideas began and over two years later, we produced our first product.

Developing Hello Chooki was created from two aspects of my life. My childhood was how we established the name Hello Chooki. Growing up as the youngest in our family my nickname was “Chook” or “Chooki”. Always remembering the premium quality linens our mum would buy for us and the large comfy towels we always had wrapped around us after swimming training. My sisters and I thought it would only be fitting to name it what I have today.

Secondly, the quality and creative designs. Not only was quality extremely important but so was bamboo. As children we grew up around water for most of our childhood, which was great and taught us many lessons. However, it also caused us to develop some skin conditions due to our skin always being exposed to chlorine and constantly wet. This is why our mum would not only look for premium quality, but she always bought bamboo linens for its high absorbency, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties and renowned for being extra gentle on the skin.

Cheeky grin, full of personality and as bright as Burleigh on a sunny day – our little cheeky monkey was also the inspiration behind our creative designs. We feel that babies and children are only little for a short amount of time and during this time they have such bold, unique and exciting personalities. We wanted our baby linens to reflect their personalities and this stage of their life.

We feel so strongly in supporting men and women in all aspects of the parenthood journey. Therefore, we have partnered with Pink Elephants to provide support to mothers and fathers in their pregnancy and loss journey and for assisted conception. We at Hello Chooki believe so strongly in mental health and seeking support and feel that if we had known the resources that we could have had access to during the start of our journey it would have helped us immensely. We now want to give others that support and help in any way that we can by donating 5% from each sale of our Hey Baby Boy and Hey Baby Girl designs from our website.

Whilst we hope that you fall in love with our baby linens, more importantly we hope you can see the direction and vision we are trying to achieve. We are excited about our future and creating a trusting community with all our loyal customers. Most importantly, we want to help in any way that we can.