In the spirit of possibly going into labour this week and finally getting organised for bub. Also because my obstetrician told me I could be going three weeks early due to bub being in position. I thought I’d better get organised and finalise all the finer details so I am not trying to sort it out when getting home from hospital.

This is my second pregnancy and first time using a caddy. I feel when you are onto your second, you have already learnt so much from your first and realise you don’t need as many items that you thought you would compared to when you were pregnant with your first baby.

Everyone has a different purpose for a nappy caddy. Some use them all day everyday and others use them just for the odd occasion. Mine is placed in our bedroom alongside the bassinet. It will solely be used for quick nappy changes through the night and if we are playing in the lounge room as our bedroom is located right next door. Otherwise, bath time changes and day changes will be done on the change table in the nursery room as all my main baby essentials will be located on it.


Here is my nappy caddy list for anyone that might need a bit of guidance.

Nappies (Tooshies)

Disposable Change Mats

Nappy Bags

Water Wipes

Jersey Swaddle – Hello Chooki

Breast Pads

Rattle Toy

Shnuggle Foam Change Mat (for our bedroom)

If you are having a boy, I also recommend adding Hello Chooki Washcloths to your caddy and change table due to their high absorbency. You place this on their genitals straight away when removing the nappy as they will most likely have accidents and spray you in the face. I haven’t added this in our list above as we haven’t found out the gender for our second little one.

I also recommend Toshie nappies straight after birth as they have no chemicals. I personally feel that with bub never being exposed to any chemicals from being in the womb, limiting this exposure helps with rashes and irritations. With our son, once we got through our newborn nappies and unfortunately was leaking through them, we switched to Rascal & Friends. We tried multiple brands but found Rascal & Friends to be the only brand that didn’t leak.

Hopefully you found this usefull and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Sophie x