Since becoming pregnant with our second child I have realised all the little things that I found extremely helpful with my first baby. Recently, I have had a couple friends fall pregnant with their first child and I was asked for some advice on what they might need in preparation for their baby arriving. I created a list of all the main items that I purchased with my first pregnancy and altered it with tips and tricks that I learnt along the way. So, I thought that I would upload it here for any expecting mums or dads out there that might like to see what items I found were important when entering the world of motherhood. I am by no means an expert and please don’t use this as professional advice. I am merely listing all the key items I have purchased for our first baby and what I will also use for our second. The tips I have listed at the end are merely actions that I established along the way after giving birth to our son and saved me time, money and purely made my life easier.

If you also have tips, I would love to hear from you and I can include them in a future blog post for all the new expecting mums that might find the information interesting.

I hope this pregnancy and baby items list helps you have a clearer mind in what purchases you might need to make and takes some of that anxiety and stress away. I also haven’t been paid or sponsored for this post, I have created this purely to help any new expecting mother as I appreciated the guidance when I was expecting with my first child.


Pregnancy & Baby Items List


Paw paw ointment – Use as a nipple cream

Egyptian magic – Stretch marks

Willow By The Sea Belly Oil – Stretch marks (alternate between this and Egyptian magic)

Pregnancy dresses – Sportsgirl, Petal & Pup, Cotton On & husbands t-shirts

Pregnancy Tights – Lorna Jane


Baby Sleep Bags – ErgoPouch (I recommend 2-3 sleep bags in each Tog depending on the season your baby is born).

3x Hello Chooki Jersey Swaddles/ Wraps (use these in pram as a light blanket/ sun shield/ breastfeeding cover, play mat)

2-3x Hello Chooki Fitted Sheet – Bassinet

2-3x Hello Chooki Fitted Sheet – Cot

2x Mattress Protectors – Bassinet (I recommend Living Textiles Protector)

2x Mattress Protectors – Cot (I recommend Sheridan Waterproof Protector)

5 x Baby Onesies – Newborn (I recommend Bonds)

8-10x Baby Onesies – 0-3 month (I recommend Bonds)

4x Hello Chooki Washcloths (Bath time)

2-3x Hello Chooki Baby Hooded Towels

Coconut Oil (Instead of body wash)

Little Innoscents

  • Winter Blues Balm
  • Massage Oil
  • Intensive Soothing Cream (nappy rash cream)

2x Packets Newborn Nappies (I recommend Tooshies for no chemicals)

Formula (for emergencies – I use Bellamy’s Organic)

Breastfeeding Pillow

Baby Brush

2x packets Disposable Change Mats – Baby U (Coles/ Woolworths)

Breast Pads (coles/ woolworths – stop leaking milk through your bra and shirts)

Baby Bath


Camera – Kodak C525 (with portable monitor)

Baby Monitor – Owlet Sock


Breast Pads

Nail Snail


Baby Carrier/ Wrap

2x Play Mats

Activity Mat/ Gym

Pram Liner


Pregnancy and Baby Tips & Hacks

Nipple Cream – Instead of purchasing nipple cream I apply paw paw ointment/ or Egyptian magic after each shower when pregnant from the start of my pregnancy. This was the best advice I ever received as the earlier you start applying, the less painful breastfeeding will be. Once I started breastfeeding, I would apply paw paw ointment after each feed and wipe off before I feed.

Baby Sleep Bags – ErgoPouch sleep bags come with a thermometer card with each bag which tells you how to dress your baby for sleep. This was a lifesaver for me as I always stressed about my baby being too warm. ErgoPouch swaddle bags also come with button fasteners at the arms so when your baby is ready to transition to arms out you don’t need to purchase new swaddle bags, essentially saving you money.

Jersey Swaddles – Jersey Swaddles are super useful even if you are going to use the baby swaddle bags for bedtime. The Hello Chooki Jersey Swaddles/ Wraps are extremely versatile and can be used as a breastfeeding cover, light pram blanket, play mat, sun shield and even a bassinet sheet. The Hello Chooki jersey swaddles are also made with organic bamboo making them stretchy, buttery soft and breathable.

Baby Fitted Cot Sheets/ Bassinet Sheets – The Hello Chooki baby fitted sheets range are made from organic bamboo giving them an extremely soft texture, stretchy and very comfortable for baby. They are large sizing so the bassinet sheets can even fit on a co-sleeper and a change mat whereas the fitted cot sheets can fit onto large sized cots and travel cots. The fitted cot sheets and bassinet sheets are perfect for babies who have sensitive skin as the material is exquisitely soft so your little ones skin and rashes won’t become irritated.

Coconut Oil – I bathed our baby in a body wash but it dried his skin out when he was a newborn. I then switched to adding a drop of coconut oil in the bath instead and his skin instantly improved and he has never had a nappy rash issue until this day. However, I did establish an amazing brand when he was older called Kind Coconuts which was beautiful and I still use it today. I will probably use both for our next baby due in August.

Baby Hooded Towels – The Hello Chooki baby hooded towels are made from organic bamboo. One side is lined with organic buttery soft terry towelling and the other with organic bamboo jersey. You might be gifted a few towels at your baby shower as so was I before starting Hello Chooki. However, all the baby hooded towels were small and not soft at all. Our son outgrew his by six months old. The Hello Chooki baby hooded towels have been designed to last your little one until they are roughly three years old depending on the size of your baby. They can also be used for bath and beach and are highly common amongst other mums as a snuggle blanket. They are my favourite product out of everything that I have bought for our baby.

Baby Camera/ Monitor – When searching for a baby camera I went with the Kodak C525. It doesn’t have many reviews but the reviews I did see were all good and it had a lot of features that other brands didn’t have. It also tells you the room temp which worked well with my anxiety. The Kodak can also have extra cameras attached to it so you can monitor all your babies in different rooms. The main priority for us was to have a separate screen and to not rely on an app on your phone. This way we can be anywhere in the house and without our phone and we could still hear our son. The Kodak comes with a portable monitor and an app for your phone so you can have both options.

Disposable Change Mats – Using disposable change mats was another bit of advice I found came in extremely handy once bub had arrived. Placing one of the change mats on top of your fitted change mat sheet before changing is key. This avoids the fitted change mat sheet becoming dirty and you just throw it away with the dirty nappy. I always purchased our disposable change mat sheets from Coles or Woolworths.

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Lots of love,

Sophie x