Are we just another baby linens brand

You’ve probably already said to yourself “it’s just another baby linens brand” and to be honest I’ve found myself saying that in the past, so you are not alone. However, we aren’t just any ordinary brand that decided one day we would start selling baby linens. No, we have thoroughly thought out the process and what we want to offer and deliver to our customers for over one and a half years before producing a product. This brand means the absolute world to us because we know it is unique on so many levels. We have thought about little details that the general customer probably wouldn’t even notice. I’m going to list them here for you so you can have a glimpse at how much effort we inputted into Hello Chooki, what was actually involved in the branding and what we wanted to achieve as an end product and as a label.

Our Niche

  • Details – when choosing themes and the details for our artists to paint/ draw we wanted to ensure majority of our prints did not have white backgrounds. The reason for this – STAINS!
When you have a baby it is inevitable you are going to get stains, not so much whilst they are newborns but more so when they start eating solids or giving them a bottle in bed and milk leaks out or even just drool. Yes, we understand that a lot of us out there prefer the crispness of the white background but we wanted ensure that we were doing everything in our power to produce a high quality product that you also can make last longer due to the hidden stains. Don’t worry though, we are still designing products with the white backgrounds so we have an option for everyone.
  • Artist – to be honest, I am horrendous at art! But I will say, I have surprised myself at times and have drawn some pretty awesome designs but definitely not worthy for production. We wanted unique prints, not ones that you can purchase online or baby linen that already have designs on them from China. We wanted designs that you won’t see on any baby linen anywhere else or at least in our niche, creating our exclusivity.
  • FUN! – our baby linens brand had to project fun. Babies aren’t little for long and they have such bold and unique personalities, so we wanted to emphasize on this with our baby linen products.
  • Size – one of the most important factors we found when purchasing baby sheets and baby hooded towels was the size. Our son had grown out of majority of his baby hooded towels by five months. When it came to sheets, it took us days and a lot of hours to find sheets that we liked and could fit his large sized cot and large bassinet. This is why we have ensured all of our baby fitted sheets are designed to fit large cots and large bassinets and making our baby hooded towels suitable to the age of three* dependant on the child.
  • COMFORT! – I think you are going to be so over me saying ORGANIC BAMBOO but in true honesty, organic bamboo was the key to making our baby linen products buttery soft and working with the right manufacturer to ensure our baby linens are premium quality. In addition to organic bamboo and designing products with extremely plush linens we also ensured our care labels were made from cotton. This was purely to avoid any scratching for your little ones.

Yes, all of the above were our requirements when producing Hello Chooki however, the overall purpose and big picture for us was simply this:

The baby linens that we manufacture for Hello Chooki needed to be a superior product not because it had to be “better” than the next brand but because this is what our little ones deserve. We as adults crave comfort and quality so what makes it any different for our little ones? This is why we chose organic bamboo materials, because that’s what I absolutely love jumping into bed to at night so I know our bubs would too.

Lastly, we wanted to embrace DIVERSITY and INCLUSIVITY! This is so very important to us! We have so many plans to deliver further on this, but we feel that we are slowly getting there one step at a time. We created Hello Chooki to bring you all a unique product. We wanted to embrace all walks of life, all interests and all acquired tastes. We have started on this by trying to reach particular demographics that don’t really get considered by creating as many gender neutral products for the not so girly mums or the dads buying for their new bundle of joy. We feel that we have started on this journey but we have so much more to bring to you in the future.

Our goal is to bring Australia the most premium and creative baby linens whilst being as inclusive and diverse as possible – making us the number one choice for premium baby linens. We want to give everyone that virtual hug and show you that we hear you, we see you and we are there for YOU! Whilst ensuring we are creating the designs that our little ones want sleep in, beach in, bath in or even feed in.

We sincerely hope that you can see the direction we are taking and love our exclusive brand as much as we do. Please reach out to us anytime and we will grab our cuppa and sit down ready for a chat.

Thank you so much for supporting us and taking five minutes out of your day to get to know our brand a little better.