We believe having children can be expensive so when we designed our range we kept this in mind. Our products are designed to be as versatile as possible and to give as much life and use out of them so parent's are not having to keep replacing their purchases after a short period of time. Our towels have been designed to last from newborn to three years and are widely used as a snuggle blanket. Our bedding and swaddles are all made to suit large cots, bassinets and co sleepers. Our bibs have three strategically positioned buttons to ensure they can grow with your child and our washers are larger so you can also use as a burp cloth. Our products are designed to be an investment that lasts.


We only work with organic materials. We tried and tested several organic bamboo materials and manufacturers for over two years before we produced a single product. Now we have launched our organic cotton material products after four years of testing. Our quality testing measures are the reason why we are quickly becoming recognised in our industry.


Each of the Hello Chooki designs are created by exclusive artists around the world. We work closely with our artists to create one of a kind prints to ensure our products are unique. Between all of our artists they have worked for companies like The British Royal Family, Christian Louboutin, Bulgari, Westfield, Fendi, Porsche, Pillowtalk & Hobbry just to name a few. We also support new artists by working with them to create our less complicated designs to help gain experience and to continue their learning journey